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PROJECTS / First module of training - Water conservation and management

First module of training - Water conservation and management

4th - 8th December 2015

45 Jaldoots from different parts of Maharashtra attended the training. Shalini Sharma from Atlas Copco India and Vishwas Despande, External consultant for this project inaugurated the training program. The training program was for 5 days, out of which one day was scheduled for field visit and other four days were classroom sessions per day.

Atlas Copco Water 4 All - Project Jaldoot

The project partners & Inauguration of project "Jaldoot"

Highlights of training

Day 1st – Introduction of watershed development, present scenario of the state (Maharashtra)

Day 2nd – Water conservation and management, water cycle

Day 3rd – Rain gauge and atmometer or evaporimeter, concept of ridge to valley (See a documentary on ridge to valley concept)

Day 4th – Village map, topo sheet reading, water measurement and its instruments, roof top rain water harvesting, and soft skills.

During the training the field visit was organized to village Pingori, Taluka - Purandar, Dist. Pune on December 7, 2015. The Jaldoots visited and observed different constructed structures as different water conservation measures. Experts explained various technical aspects of these structures.

Atlas Copco Water 4 All - Group Jaldoot

"Jaldoot's" during field visit & the Group "Jaldoot"

Theory of water conservation measures and introduction to drip and sprinkler system were the topics covered on last day along with test and feedback.