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PROJECTS / Forth module of training - Ground water development and management

Forth module of training - Ground water development and management

1st - 5th June 2016 & 16th - 20th June 2016

This training was conducted basically to focus on importance of ground water in watershed management. About 70% of irrigation in Maharashtra is dependent on ground water and it is the least focused issue.

The training started with an introduction to ground water, importance of ground water in watershed development and in depth insight on topics like aquifers and types of aquifers, ground water recharge and discharge, aquifer delineation, water quality, and water balance.

Visit to Dive Ghat and Khalad was organized on 3rd June. In Dive ghat geological mapping was done. Jaldoots observed different types of rocks in layers and co-related it with ground water. Visit to Khalad village was a great experience for well monitoring and testing of water quality.

On 4th June, Jaldoots visited GSDA (Ground Water Survey and Development Agency of Government of Maharashtra) and observed various types of rocks, models of formation of rock layers, water testing lab, and filter for ground water recharge. Discussion with Shashank Deshpande opened a new door in the world of ground water management.

5th June was the day to visit Baripada, a tribal village in Dhule District. Chaitram Pawar, a youth from village, who splashed away his bank job for his village development, is the inspiring personality for Jaldoots to plan and implement watershed development principals in their own villages. Villagers have conserved their own forest of 1200 Ha, which have made a long-lasting impact on ground water table, agriculture and on over all environment.

Atlas Copco Water 4 All - Project Jaldoot forest visit

Jaldoots visits 1,200 acres of forest which was secured by villagers by their common efforts and how their livelihood has been survived on the same.

Atlas Copco Water 4 All - Project Jaldoot classroom

Classroom session on water conservation methods and Jaldoots interacting with Atlas Copco India’s CSR council team members about their experience of participation in the project.

The 4th module of training on ground water development and management was scheduled from 31st May to 5th June at Pune.

Ferro cement Workshop

Harvesting or storing rain water directly in tanks for future domestic purposes can be one low cost solution.

Atlas Copco Water 4 All - Project Jaldoot cement workshop

Atlas Copco Water 4 All - Project Jaldoot cement workshop part II

Low cost structures for water storage – practical workshop

A workshop on construction of low cost technique of Ferro cement tank was conducted at Village Kotha, Taluka - Dharani, Dist - Amravati from 16th June to 20th June. In spite of heavy rainfall and loosing water conservation practices the area faces severe water scarcity particularly in summer. The thought of conducting this workshop in this area in Jaldoot project was to share knowledge about the technic of Ferro cement as low cost solution for water storage need and will also give good employment option to some people.

There were 18 participants present for this workshop, out of which 2 were Jaldoots and rest were local people. In this workshop participants constructed tanks of 12500 litres, 1400 litres, and underground tank of 5000 and 1000 litres. They also learned how to use locally available bamboo mesh for the same in making water storage tanks.