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PROJECTS / Project Jaldoot

Project Jaldoot

Water for All Jaldoot project in the state of Maharashtra in India has been undertaken in co-operation with the NGO Sevavardhini. (The Hindi word ‘Jaldoot’ literally means ‘water messenger’)

This project aims to work within a number of villages in the drought-prone areas of Maharashtra. This semi-arid region of Maharashtra is drought-prone and has seen a number of tragic farmer suicides in the past few years, due to recurrent low rainfall. This erratic rainfall has also resulted in depletion of ground water, which is the major source of water, especially for drinking.

Atlas Copco India has taken the initiative to make a difference to the community around us. Over 27 villages have been identified, with a total population of around 50,000 people.

Provision of drinking water is the main deliverable also to initiate and foster community-developed water resource development and conservation plans, that will also help reduce over-dependency on the monsoon for agriculture, which is the regions’ main source of employment and income. In other words, involvement and training of local people in water management systems is envisaged.

The project duration is 22 months, started in September 1, 2015 (after monsoon and ‘agriculture cycle’, completion will be end of June 30, 2017). The project is financed by a donation to Atlas Copco’s Water4All in the honour of Sune Carlsson, who served as the Chair of the Board of Atlas Copco AB between “2003-2014”.

The project includes at least 30 practical interventions like repairing of bunds and preparation of new bunds including of PRM (Participative resource mapping survey) of that locality, hill roof top water harvesting methods like regular size CCT(Continuous contour trench) and deep CCT, rain water harvesting storage technical workshop, exposure visits to known success stories like village near Ahamednagar city ‘Hivare Bazar’ which is a model for its efforts on water management in extreme low rain zone, in Dhule district village known as ‘Baripada’ which is known for securing 1,200 acre of community forest resulting prosperity to villagers in every term of development, visit cum workshop in ‘Water and Land Management Institute, Aaurangabad and to understand newer techniques of mapping/measuring water, soil and rocks. Visit also scheduled to Bhooj (Gujrath) in A.C.T. (Arid Communities and Technologies) to understand the holistic approach of developing communities focusing water as prime natural and common resource.

Map of Maharashtra state of India and ‘Jaldoot’ locations marked in

Atlas Copco Water 4 All - Jaldoot map

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