Season’s greetings from Atlas Copco

Water changes lives. By giving people access to clean drinking water you are not only giving them life and health. You are giving them time. Instead of spending hours every day fetching water, children can go to school and learn how to read and write, securing a better future for themselves. Women can start their own business and provide for their families. In the end the whole society changes and the power structures of the past are replaced by those of equality and opportunity. 

Honor the season by joining Atlas Copco in giving a gift that keeps on growing. Welcome to place a donation or to learn more by exploring this website.

Happy holidays!

Water for All by Atlas Copco


How it started in 1984

Interview from 2013 with the two founders of Water for All, Atlas Copco’s main community engagement initiative; Torgny Rogert och Peter Håkansson. They take us back to 1984 and how it all started.