Spread the word

You can help us spread the word about Water for All. Below you find our videos as well as links to our photo gallery and information leaflet. Please feel free to use them in social media.

Water for All in 60 seconds

A video that summarizes Atlas Copco’s main community engagement initiative Water for All in 60 seconds. Is a shortened version of the 'Water changes lives' video, this time with an English voiceover.


How it started in 1984

Interview from 2013 with the two founders of Water for All, Atlas Copco’s main community engagement initiative; Torgny Rogert och Peter Håkansson. They take us back to 1984 and how it all started.


Water changes lives

An animated video introducing Water for All, Atlas Copco's main community engagement initiative, founded in 1984 by Atlas Copco employees. The video explains why water is so important and how Atlas Copco creates change by supporting Water for All, doubling the employees' voluntary donations.


This is what we do

What type of projects do we support? Who are the people that we serve? Where are we located in the world? This video is a good introduction to Water for All and also summaries our main achievements 2018-2020.