The Water for All way of working

Our guiding principle has since 1984 been that clean water is a human right. By providing access to water we create the conditions for large scale change, both on an individual level and societal level. Since the start we have helped more than 2 million people all around the world get access to clean water and improved facilities for sanitation and hygiene.

Local knowledge is crucial to our success

Water for All has projects in several countries at any given moment. We select partner organizations with as much knowledge as possible of the regions and the people who live there, in order to ensure that the money gets to where it is most needed. We are however convinced that the greatest knowledge of what needs to be done can be found locally. For this reason, we make sure to involve the local community in the planning, implementation and maintenance of the projects. This is to also a way to ensure sustainability. Our aim is ultimately to help people to help themselves.

We always work with a partner

We partner with non-political, not-for-profit organizations as we (normally) don’t do any work ourselves in the field. We have no employees, but work instead in our various country organizations on a voluntary basis. Each local Water for All organization selects its own projects to fund, which range from large-scale projects implemented over several years to smaller water installations. All projects must be about water and contribute to providing clean drinking water and sanitation to people in need.

The typical Water for All project cycle