Water changes lives. Water for All realized the value of water as early as in 1984 and we have since then funded projects all over the world that give people in need access to clean drinking water and improved facilities for sanitation and hygiene.

How water changes lives

With close access to water, girls have time to attend school and women can spend their days providing for their families.
Clean drinking water has enormous and immediate health benefits that can be further enhanced by promoting the habit of handwashing.
Building latrines that offer privacy improves safety and well-being, especially for women and girls.
Sustainable access to water allows people to grow crops and increase their livestock, maybe even beyond the needs of the household.
By engaging the local community in our projects, new roles develop that can lead to personal growth through new responsibilities.
Access to water benefits the whole community. By empowering women, new societal structures develop based on increased gender equality.
Water gives women and girls the freedom to make choices for themselves and to follow their dreams.
When sustainable access to water is secured, water can go from being a potential source of conflict to instead be a unifying force that strengthens cooperation and unites people.

This is what we do

What type of projects do we support? Who are the people that we serve? Where are we located in the world? This video is a good introduction to Water for All and also summarizes our main achievements in 2018-2021.


How it started in 1984

Interview with the two founders of Water for All, Atlas Copco’s main community engagement initiative; Torgny Rogert och Peter Håkansson. They take us back to 1984 and how it all started. Today Water for All has representation in more than 25 countries and more than 1½ million beneficiaries.


Water for All in 60 seconds

A video that summarizes Atlas Copco’s main community engagement initiative Water for All in 60 seconds. Is a shortened version of the 'Water changes lives' video, this time with an English voiceover.