Ripple effects in Uganda

As of January 2021, Water for All has entered into a historic project in northern Uganda together with Amref Health Africa. Over three years we will reach almost 30,000 people in 48 villages, ensuring sustainable access to water for at least 15 years. Water for All organizations from all around the world have joined forces with the Peter Wallenberg Water for All Foundation to invest in an area in great need but also great potential.

Imagine Izzy. She has never been able to join her brothers at school. Like her mother and her grandmother her main task, every day until the day she dies, is to fetch water for her family. That is her main life mission. Not the one she chose herself of course, but the one that was chosen for her, by tradition and by the expectations put on her by the surrounding community.

IIzzy dreams of learning how to read and write, going to school and maybe even to the university in the big city. She would love to be a teacher…or perhaps a pilot, travelling far away and having the chance to see the world.

Perhaps this is what motivated the local Water for All organizations that have decided to contribute to this joint endeavor to provide sustainable access to water, thereby changing the lives of thousands of Izzys, giving her and all other young girls the opportunity to make choices for themselves.