If you are an employee at either Atlas Copco or Epiroc you can voluntarily donate money to Water for All by allowing an amount to be deducted from your salary each month. We do however also welcome donations from non-employees.

For every USD, CNY, or EUR an employee gives, Atlas Copco and Epiroc will give two. This means that if you donate for example 10 EUR a month, the company will donate 20 EUR, meaning that 30 EUR every month (360 EUR in a year) will go to funding projects that give people in need access to water, sanitation and hygiene. “Water for All is close to the heart of Atlas Copco. I am proud of the achievements of our employees and happy that we can help more people gain access to clean water as a result of this organization”, says Ronnie Leten, Chairman of Epiroc and former President and CEO of Atlas Copco AB.

How to donate if you are an employee

The first step is to check if Water for All is represented in your country. If it is, contact your local representative or fill in this form and hand it in to your local HR or salary responsible. All donations from employees within either the Atlas Copco Group or the Epiroc Group are doubled by the local company.

If there isn’t a Water for All organization in your country, you are always welcome to take the first step to start one. Contact the Global Coordinator to learn how.

How to donate if you are NOT an employee

Water for All welcomes donations from both employees and others. However, if you are not an employee at Atlas Copco or Epiroc, the company will not double your donation. You can either make a donation directly to the below account, or, make a donation to the local Water for All organization in your country. Find the suitable contact person for such a donation here.

Donate to the Peter Wallenberg Water for All Foundation

Bank: SEB, 106 40 Stockholm, SWEDEN
IBAN account nr: SE8750000000058511109129
SEB account number: 5851-11 091 29
Swish: 123 363 0274