2022 Water for All Award winner's trip

The first winner of the Water for All Award was Water for All Central and Eastern Europe, recognized for their swift support when the Czech Republic gue was hit by a tornado in 2021.

The award which is financed by the Peter Wallenberg Water for All Foundation allowed two employees, Zsuzsanna Elteto from Atlas Copco and Sarka Andelova from Epiroc, to travel to South Africa to visit two locally implemented Water for All projects. The purpose of the trip was to first-hand experience the difference access to clean water can have on a community.

In the village Ga-Mathabatha, the ‘Children of the Dawn’ community house supports orphans whose parents have passed away from AIDS or COVID-19. Access to water has reduced waterborne diseases and separate bathrooms for boys and girls have been installed.

In Cape Town, the James House provides a safe haven for children and families living in extreme poverty. The center offers a place for children to do their homework, surf the internet, or to get a hot meal.

Water for All South Africa has funded a well and an irrigation system which has allowed the James House to become self-sufficient. They grow their own vegetables which they even sell to a nearby restaurant. The children are taught how to ensure food for themselves and their families.

The trip was most appreciated by the two travelers, who returned full of memories from rewarding meetings. 

Photos from the 2022 winners' trip to South Africa.
Sarka Andelova Epiroc, during trip to South Africa in 2023.

Seeing how access to clean water has transformed their daily lives was a powerful experience.

Sarka Andelova, Epiroc
Zsuzsanna Elteto, Atlas Copco, during trip to South Africa in 2023.

We met people whose life mission is to give these children a future where they can be themselves and be free.

Zsuzsanna Elteto, Atlas Copco