Proud employer

Water for All is the main community engagement initiative of both Atlas Copco and Epiroc. As companies, they are dependent on well-functioning societies, free from poverty and conflict. No community can thrive without clean water. That is the corporate reasoning for supporting Water for All. For the employees, Water for All offers the opportunity to actively and voluntarily take part in community engagement as individuals, doing even more to support development and empowerment, especially of women and children.

Water for All is truly an employee-driven initiative, and an excellent example of our innovative and committed culture. Access to water and sanitation is a human right and I am very proud that we make a difference in this area

Mats Rahmström
President and CEO of Atlas Copco
Helena Hedblom, President and CEO of Epiroc AB

Water for All is our main community engagement. It is a partnership between our engaged and committed employees and the company, and I’m very proud that we contribute to millions of people gaining sustainable access to clean water.

Helena Hedblom
President and CEO of Epiroc

Brands supporting Water for All